Evergreen EP - LAU vs Karine Polwart

Karine Polwart & LAU

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5 studio tracks featuring Karine with one of her favourite all-time bands (and good pals) LAU.

LAU are Orcadian Kris Drever (vocals and guitar), fellow Pathhead resident Martin Green (accordion and keyboards) and Seal Islander Aidan O’Rourke (fiddle). Recorded at the beautiful Heriot Toun Studio in The Scottish Borders, the opening and title track of “Evergreen” was composed in situ by all four musicians and is a wee bit of an experiment for all of them! There are versions of two modern folk classics in Dave Goulder’s “January Man” and Lal Waterson’s “Midnight Feast”, a reworking of a 1980s Scottish pop cult classic in The Blue Nile’s “Rags to Riches” and a a gorgeous plaintive closer in “Lord Yester”, from the repertoire of Scottish folk legends The Corries.

There are lots of existing musical links between Karine and the lads. Karine is a guest vocalist on LAU’s album “Arc Light” and appears also on Kris’s album “Mark the Hard Earth”. And there’s a jig on the trio’s cracking first album “Lightweights and Gentlemen” written for Karine’s wedding! Both Aidan and Martin in turn have graced Karine’s albums too: Aidan on “Faultlines” and Martin on “Scribbled in Chalk”.

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