KARINE POLWART (+ Mike Vass & Mairearad Green)

“Folk song is a wee window into the experiences of those who lived before us, the challenges they faced, and the fights they fought in their own times that yield us many of the rights and privileges we enjoy now. But I’m just as fascinated by what these songs and stories tell us about the moment we’re in now. My inaugural Rebellious Truth lecture will dig into the history of misogyny and sexual violence, and the stories of women who rebelled against societal norms and expectations, as told in our traditional songs and archives. I’ll reflect on how those stories are told, why those songs were sung, and why they’re still sung now.” – Karine Polwart

We are delighted to present our first annual Rebellious Truth Lecture in association with Celtic and Scottish Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

Through presentation and live performance, the Rebellious Truth Lecture explores the importance of traditional arts and the role of traditional artists of all backgrounds and practices in addressing societal concerns: environment, sustainability, identity, social cohesion, health, understandings of economy, employment, education, and diversity.

Our first speaker is Karine Polwart folk singer, songwriter and theatre-maker who has used her performance profile to address humanitarian themes through music and carefully articulated spoken and written word. Karine is an ideal speaker for the Rebellious Truth lecture and we are delighted to welcome her ideas to this academic and public platform.

The evening will begin with a performance by School of Scottish Studies Traditional Artist in Residence Mike Vass, accompanied by Mairearad Green.