The SONGS OF SEPARATION album will be released by Navigator Records on the 29 January 2016 and is available to pre-order now. If you pre-order the new album from Propermusic, you’ll also receive an exclusive, limited Isle of Eigg A3 Map.

We’re delighted at the reception the album is receiving, and very grateful to all the people who have listened and shared their thoughts. Here are a selection of the press reviews: 

Bright Young Folk  
“Eliza Carthy, Mary MacMaster, Kate
Young , Hannah James, Rowan Rheingans, Jenny Hill, Jenn Butterworth, Hazel Askew, Hannah Read and Karine Polwart are almost enough for a female folk football XI, and indeed a dream team who have explored a fascinating tradition and come up with a worthy legacy in a veritable cornucopia of music” 
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Folk Radio UK 
“Songs of Separation is a superlative and essential record, from its initial concept through to the final result; it’s a huge accomplishment by anybody’s standards and all involved have every right to feel justifiably proud of their achievement” 
Read the full Folk Radio UK review here 

“As a collaboration it is immensely successful, in terms of arrangement it is polished and it has the hallmarks of high-calibre research and workings of historical songs. It has a brazen and multifarious approach to separation that cleverly adapts and develops the two nations’ proud heritage of oral folk song into a relevant and accomplished treat that traditional folk andother folk will enjoy in equal measure” 
Read the fullFATEA review here 

Dancing About Architecture 
“In an 
ever shifting culture, a world ever on the change and one doing so at an ever faster rate, this album is the perfect counterpoint of traditional sounds and adapting to an unwritten future and proves that as much as things change, some can still stay the same. It’s a musical Trojan horse, a familiar package but one that may contain keys to the future, a future that we are all going to have to deal with in our own way” 
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“Songs of Separation… all resistance is hopeless!” 
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Folk Words 
“Songs of Separation’ combines folk icons that quite simply require no introduction other than to provide a stellar listing of talent that includes: Eliza Carthy and Karine Polwart, Mary Macmaster and Kate Young, Hannah James, Hazel Askew and Rowan Rheingans, Jenn Butterworth and Jenny Hill and Hannah Read. Scan that list of musicians and before you listen it’s a fair bet you’re in for a significant treat, and that’s exactly what you get as ‘Songs of Separation’ delivers on so many levels” 
Read the full Folkwords review here

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