From the recording Traces

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Inspired by Anthony Baxter’s wonderful, award-winning documentary “You’ve Been Trumped”. Donald Trump’s executive golf development at Balmedie in Aberdeenshire is an environmental disgrace built on economic lies and political vanity. But, rather more quietly, it’s also an assault on memory and the meaning of the landscape for those people still brave enough to live there. For an example of how an executive golf course could have brought benefits to an environmentally sensitive rural area, check out Machrahanish in Argyll.



I was Farrah Fawcett, you were Steve McQueen
And we rode your silver Grifter
Half the way from Aberdeen

And the waves fall
How they fall

I kept lookout in the marram grass
U-boats on the skyline
Commandos at the pass

And the waves fall
How they fall

The tide still ebbs and flows
where the Ythan meets the ocean
And not even God himself
ould can stop the northerlies from blowing
You can tear these dunes asunder
Pound this wonder into dust
with your cruel hands and crooked hearts
laden with lust and expensive lies
But the haar will stumble in to cover your eyes
The haar will stumble in

You said “Michael blew the clouds away”
And sure a scarlet shard of sunset scores the granite grey

And the waves fall
How they fall

And the tide still ebbs and flows …